Why Spiritual Humanism?



I was brought up in a Christian environment. I was also encouraged to learn about other faiths while still a youth. Christianity has many good points; Many, if not all of these “good points” are shared by nearly every other organized religion on the planet. The basic tenet of these “good points” are to know the difference between right and wrong, and the encouragement to do right.


The fact that these basic tenets are shared is more easily understood when after researching more completely. Many other principles and stories have been exchanged between the religions . . . after the dates, names, circumstances and other details were changed ---- or not! When I discovered that all the religious stories were written by men, and these stories (and not GOD) were the inspiration of more religious stories to be written, I took a step back to see what the Big Picture was concerning religious activities of the past.


Religion was necessary to satisfy the curiosity of man prior to actual explanations. Most of these explanations have now come from a relatively new process we call science. Science has explained almost everything that religion had formerly claimed to be “supernatural”. Even the stuff science has not explained entirely (and there is plenty!) does not appear to be all that mysterious any longer, just very complicated or difficult to examine. Every day, more of the latter are revealed in the normal course of scientific exploration.

When I was a kid, to be able to pull a tiny box from my pocket ANYWHERE on the planet and ‘read’ my precise location would have been “magic”. Likewise, to use a similar device (or now, the SAME device!) and have a voice conversation with my mom from a sailboat 4000 miles away would have certainly been believed to be impossible. [The joke was: “Can you tell-a-phone from a bus?”] Today, these activities are routine across the globe. (Can you imagine what amazing things my Grandfather saw become commonplace in his 100-year lifetime after his birth in 1880?)


Everything that happened around our ancient ancestors needed a supernatural explanation, and this was provided by the religions those people created to make weather, fire, stars, reproduction, etc. ‘understandable’. Turns out, all these supernatural explanations are wrong. But, for the thousands of years before the scientific process, religions gained authority and power. They ran the show with their religious dogma and superstition.


The first scientists were persecuted for their studies. The religions could not logically argue with the scientists, so they just locked up the scientists or killed them. The religions were used to doing this – “business as usual” – with anyone that did not agree with them or their views (which they could change just to disagree with you – and kill you!). Each religion had been persecuting and killing the people from the other religions for all time. This was their pastime and the most important way each religion would gain power and wealth.


Religions started banking during the Crusades (check it out!) and their formula to cause strife [Mother Teresa’s hospital/churches FORCED people to suffer- check it out!] has profited them immensely. With a religious fanatical government, a country can encounter retarded advancement of helpful science, crippling debt, racial hatred, civil wars, and oppressive laws. This has happened to several “civilized” countries recently, some of it to America!


The spiraling decline of many societies in the world, especially America, can be reversed by the embracing of only the “good points” of religion; with the rejection by the majority of people of all that greed, hatred, abuse, concentrated wealth, deception, and obviously wholly fabricated portions of the religious establishment.


I am not a doomsayer predicting the immediate arrival of a recession, depression, civil war, World War Three, or a 21st century “Dark Ages”. It is just the bigotry, poverty, and righteous control of the masses has gone on long enough.


I am a patriot. Some of the men I respect most from history organized the great country of The United States of America. With the limited knowledge I have had throughout my life, I endeavored to strengthen my country. I voluntarily served in the US Armed Forces. I acquired all the skills and qualifications necessary to advance my country (and the world) through the use of science to rid the planet of hazardous waste; and was willing to personally assist in constructing a source of renewable, non-polluting energy. The expected opportunities did not arise for me because of the short-sightedness and greed of the powers-that-be.


So now I live away from the US mainland in a lifestyle mostly unaffected by mass media and public persuasion. I interact with individuals with different goals and motivations that the majority of Americans (Sheeple?). To affirm my views; to help others understand what has gone on in the past; and to direct a promising, hopeful future for my grandchildren, I have become an ordained minister of the Spiritual Humanism movement.


If you take the time to look, you will find this to be much less radical than ANY religion you may be participating in; If, in fact, you are practicing a ‘religion’, perhaps you are supporting factions that are retarding truth, fairness and honesty somewhere in the world. I do not intend on interfering with anyone’s belief system, but I certainly hope you fully understand what you support.



“This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it.”

-John Adams


“Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man.”

-Thomas Jefferson


“Lighthouses are more useful than churches.”

-Benjamin Franklin


“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion.”

-Abraham Lincoln